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 - ԸշͧاѵشԺ

Last Modified On: Tuesday, 10/March/2009 02:08:11am

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ͧا   ᴧ ԡʴ ѡ й ӻ ӵ

١˭ ½ ١
3 ͧ
ᴧ 3
ԡʴ 2
ѡ 1
й 1 ½ ͹
Ǣ (͹ӻ) 1 ͹
ӵŷ 1 ͹
ӵŻ 1 ͹
ͻ ½ ͹

1. Դҷç ӹͻҳ 3 ŧ仵ʹ ͹ʹաҳ 10 ҷ Դ¡ŧ ҡ 繨Ѵ ͡͡Ǽҫա Ѵҹ
Ըշ 訹ء ҡ 繨Ѵ ͡͡Ǽҫա Ѵҹ

2. ͡͡ᴧеѴҹѡ ҡ Ӿԡʴ ѡҧ ҧҴ ᴧҫºҧ 蹾ԡ繷͹ Ы¼ѡҺ ѡ
Ըշ ᴧҫºҧ 蹾ԡ繷͹ Ы¼ѡҺ ѡ

3. ӹ»ҳ 2 ͻŧ任ҳ ½ ͹ ҡѹӧ ҡ һ͡͡͡ ҹҧ ǫ 㹹ͻҳ 10 ҷ ҧ 紹͡ ѡ
Ըշ һ͡͡͡ ҹҧ ǫ 㹹ͻҳ 10 ҷ ҧ 紹͡ ѡ

4. ӡ任´ ҡ ͧاҧ й Ǣ (͹ӻ) ӵŷ ӵŻ оԡ Ҽѹ㹶¼ ʵͺ
Ըշ ӡ任´ ҡ ا ʵͺ

5. ŷ ᴧ ѡ С駻 ŧⶼ ӻاŧ ءҡѹ
Ըշ ŷ ᴧ ѡ С駻 ŧⶼ ӻاŧ ءҡѹ

6. ѡ ¡쿾Ѻ¤

ѡ ¡쿾Ѻ¤

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