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 - Ըշҧҧ ʪҵâͧҹ

Ըշҧҧ ʪҵâͧҹ
Last Modified On: Tuesday, 15/February/2011 21:38:18pm

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ͧاҧ ҧ ˭  й Ӿԡ ѡ Ǣ ӵ ͧا
ҧ 1/2
й 2 ͹
Ǣ (͹ӻ) 1 1/2 ͹
ӵŷ 1 ͹
Ӿԡ 3 ͹
ѡ 4-5
1-2 ١
˭ 1/4
ԡ 1/2 ͹

1. ҧСд١͡ ա繪鹢ҴʹդǾѡ
Ըշҧ ҧСд١͡ ա繪鹢ҴʹդǾѡ

2. ͡͡˭ 紡ҹ Ѵҡѡ ҡ ӼѡҹҧҴ 紹 ҡ ˭蹵 ӼѡҫҺ ǹ Ҽ 4 ǹ ѡ͡ 繪鹢Ҵͻҳ
Ըշҧ ˭蹵 ӼѡҫҺ ǹ Ҽ 4 ǹ ѡ͡ 繪鹢Ҵͻҳ

3. ͧاҧ й Ӿԡ Ǣ (͹ӻ) ӵŷ оԡ Ҽѹ㹶¼ ʵͺ ҡ ҧա ѡҧ йӻا ѹ㹪 ءͧءҧҡѹ
Ըշҧ ا ʵͺ ҡ ҧա ѡҧ йӻا ѹ㹪 ءͧءҧҡѹ

4. ѡҹѴѡҴͧ ˹Ҵ¼ѡ硹 ҡ鹡¡¤

ѡҹѴѡҴͧ ˹Ҵ¼ѡ硹 ҡ鹡¡¤

Tip: ٹ¹ҡҧʹ᷹աẺ

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