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üѴ - ԸշӼѴ紶ǽѡѺҧ ʪҵâͧҹ

ԸշӼѴ紶ǽѡѺҧ ʪҵâͧҹ
Last Modified On: Tuesday, 10/March/2009 02:56:28am

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Shortcuts To:

ͧاѴ紶ǽѡѺ ǽѡ Ѻ ԡʴ  ѹ Ǣ ʻا ӵ

ǽѡ 150 
Ѻ 200 
պ˭ 3 պ
ԡʴ 2 
Ǣ (͹ӻ) 1 ͹
ѹ 2 ͹
ʻا 1 ͹
ӵŷ 1 ½ ͹
ѹѺѴ 2 ͹

1. ӶǽѡҧҴ ѴǵѴ ǫ繪 ͡͡ 索Ǿԡ ҡ鹹ҧҴ ӡоԡ繪 š ҡ ššͻҳ
ԸշӼѴ紶ǽѡѺ ¶ǽѡ繪 ҡ ӡоԡʴššͻҳ

2. Դҷ俻ҹҧ 駡з ѹŧ ͹ѹ͹ ӾԡѺšŧ仼Ѵ (ѧѹ͹Թ ͼѴҹԹ仨Ф) ҡ Ѻŧ ѴءǨ֧ͧاҧ Ǣ (͹ӻ) ʻا йӵŷŧ
ԸշӼѴ紶ǽѡѺ 駡з ѹ ͨѹ͹ ֧ԡСšŧ仼Ѵ ҡ Ѻŧ ѴءǨ֧اʴͧاҧ

3. ѴѺͧاҧ ҡѹ ҡǽѡǷŧ ѹ мѴ任ҳ 2-3 ҷ ͨǽѡء Դ¡ŧ
ԸշӼѴ紶ǽѡѺ ѴѺͧاҧ ҡѹ ҡǽѡǷŧ ѹ мѴ仨ǽѡء Դ

4. ѡҹ ҡ鹡¡¤

ѡҹ ҡ鹡¡¤


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