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Stir-Fried Dishes - Spicy and yummy stir-fried recipe called

Spicy and yummy stir-fried recipe called "Tap Mu Phat Phrik Thai Oon"
Last Modified On: Wednesday, 21/December/2011 10:20:40am

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Stir-Fried Dishes

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Stir-fried Spicy Pork Liver Ingredients: pork liver, garlic, chilies, kaffir lime leaves, krachai, young peppercorn, oyster sauce, soysauce, sugar, oil milk Ingredients
350 g. pork liver
3 cloves garlic
4-5 fresh chilies
7-8 kaffir lime leaves
1/2 cup krachai, shredded
1/4 cup young peppercorn
2 Tbsp osyter sauce
1 Tbsp thin soy sauce (or fish sauce)
2 tsp seasoning soy sauce
1 tsp sugar
1 Tbsp vegetable oil
¼ cup milk

1. Wash pork liver, pat dry, cut into 1" length and put into a mixing bowl.
Preparation for Stir-fried spicy pork liver:No.1 Wash pork liver, cut inot 1 inch, and put in mixing bowl

2. Pour milk in the bowl and marinate for 1 hour or overnight.
Preparation for Stir-fried spicy pork liver: No.2 Pour milk and marinate for 1 hour

3. Peel garlic, remove chilies stems, wash dirt, and pat dry. Cut garlic and chilies into small pieces, then coarsely pound in a mortar.
Preparation for Stir-fired spicy pork liver: No.3 Coarsely poung garlic and chilies in a mortar

4. Wash kaffir lime leaves, young peppercorn and krachai, pat dry, then finely shred krachai and tear kiffir lime leaves in halves and remove central stem.
Preparation for Stri-fried spicy pork liver: No.4 Shred krachai, wash young peppercorn and tear kiffir lime leaves in halves

5. After marinated time, pour 3 cups water in a pot, bring to boil on high heat, add marinated pork liver, scald for 2 minutes, then drain and set aside.
Preparation for Stir-fried spicy pork liver: No.5 Scald marinated pork liver for 2 minutes, drain and set aside

6. Heat oil in a wok on medium heat. When oil is hot, add coarsely pounded garlic and chilies, fry until fragrant, then add scalded pork liver, and stir thoroughly.
Preparation for Stir-fried spicy pork liver: No.6 Fry pounded garlic and chilies until fragrant, add scalede pork liver and stir thoroughly

7. Add shredded krachai, kaffir lime leaves and young pepper corn, season with oyster sauce, thin soy sauce (or fish sauce), seasoning soy sauce and sugar, stir quickly then remove from heat.
Preparation for Stir-fried spicy pork liver: No.7 Add all herbs, season, stir-fry quickly and remove from heat

8. Place the stir-fried spicy pork liver on a plate, and serve immediately.

Place the stir-fried spicy pork liver on a plate, and serve immediately

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