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Fried Salmon with Ginger Sauce

Deep Fried Dishes - Easy fried salmon with yummy fresh ginger sauce

Easy fried salmon with yummy fresh ginger sauce
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Ingredients500 g salmon1/2 tsp salt1 tsp ground black pepper2 green onions2 tsp vegetable oil Ingredients for ginger sauce4 Tbsp thin soy sauce1 Tbsp Chinese cooking wine2 Tbsp brown sugar2 tsp sesame oil2 tsp vinegar2 Tbsp fresh ginger Preparation for Ginger Sauce1. Pound peeled ginger and cut into small pieces2. Add all ingredients for ginger sauce in a pot.3. Heat the sauce on low, stir well until sugar is dissolve and the sauce starts boiling.4. Add fresh ginger, stir well, remove from heat and set aside.Preparation1. Cut green onion roots, peel fresh ginger, wash dirt, pat dry and cut green onions into pieces.2. Wash salmon, pat dry and sprinkle with salt and ground black pepper for both sides3. Heat oil in a fry pan on medium hear, add oil, when oil is getting hot, add the salmon, Fry until the salmon is getting cook, then turn to the other side.4. Fry until the salmon is cooked, add a little bit ginger sauce until it's gone and reduce the heat to low.5. Wait until the sauce is reduced into the salmon, add cut green onion, wait for a while and then remove from heat.6. Place the salmon on a plate, pour the ginger sauce over and serve immediately.