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Cooking Questions?
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Created: Sunday, 01/April/2007 02:42:00am
Modified: Tuesday, 18/December/2018 04:43:32am
From Gaeng Thai Pla Question
Mr. Khun Larry
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Post Message on: 07/May/2009 ...

My friend kon thai tell me that it should be very dark, but not how to achieve that? Do you know?

I know Gaeng Thai pla is the hardest curry to make properly,

Also, if you were to make here in Canada with local ingredients, what kind of fish would you use instead of fish innards or fish kidneys?

Khorp Khun Khrap

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Post Message on: 08/May/2009 ... Quote Admin

Umm..that's a hard question though...

For me, if you couldn't have "Tai pla" which means fish innards or fish kidneys in this's not "Gaeng Tai Pla" na ka. The fish kidneys will make the curry very dark, salty with fishy smell. I hardly have this curry because it's too hot for me.

BUT..if I really like to make it without fish kidneys, I will use shrimp paste or anchovy instead of innards or kidneys. These ingredients will give a salty taste too but not exactly the orginal ingredient does.

By the way, I have seen some "Tai Pla" sell at Vietnamese store in Vancouver na ka. May be you can try to find it at Vietnamese store in your area. And if you can get it, you will have a real taste of "Gaeng Tai Pla" for sure.

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