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About Print Version is website about Thai cooking while being away from home.  Without having full access to all ingredients available back home to cook authentic Thai foods, I seek out to find what locally available that can be used as substitutes. The ingredients used in this website is based on what available in my area- Richmond, Canada.  However, it should also helpful to others who live in other areas who want to cook Thai foods too since most of the ingredients used here can be obtained from most Chinese supermarket.  All of the recipes in this website are from what I have created based on my experience and from many sources which I would like to thank my grandparents, my parents, my teachers, every cook books and, other websites that teach me how to cook. These resources contribute to my skill and cooking spirit from the past until now.

Moreover, the most important person that couldn’t be forgotten is all of my tasters. Because of their willingness to taste my foods and their sincere comments, I can continually develop and improve my recipes until they are what they are right now. If you try my recipes and it becomes one of your family favorite, I would like to give all credits to people I mentioned above. If mishap occurs, I will bow to it myself.

Finally, I would like to thank my special person who is along by my side and always support me everything from the beginning until this website comes to alive. Another thanks to my lovely brother who creates and designs this website as my birthday gift which allows me to share my proud recipes and cooking skills with others who love to cook too. I hope you enjoy my website and found recipes that you like and hopefully becomes one of your family favorite. Enjoy cooking, and yes everybody can cook Thai foods.

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