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All kinds of sauces that usually available in Asian supermarket
Last Modified On: Sunday, 12/November/2006 02:06:46am

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This section contains all kinds of general sauces that usually use in Thai cooking and dipping. They are easy to find and usually available in most Asian supermarket.

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Sauces - Thin Soy Sauce Thin Soy Sauce
Thin soy sauce that is light in colour and salty
Last Modified: 11/November/2006 ...
Sauces - Fish Sauce Fish Sauce
Fish sauce that has fishy smell and salty
Last Modified: 11/November/2006 ...
Sauces - Seasoning Soy Sauce Seasoning Soy Sauce
Seasoning soy sauce that is salty and a little bit dark in colour
Last Modified: 11/November/2006 ...
Sauces - Oyster Sauce Oyster Sauce
Oyster sauce that has a distinctive taste which is not at all fishy
Last Modified: 11/November/2006 ...
Sauces - Wet Bean Curd Wet Bean Curd
Wet bean curd that is nutritious, strongly flovoured, and salty
Last Modified: 11/November/2006 ...
Sauces - Sweet Chillie Sauce Sweet Chillie Sauce
Sweet chillie sauce that has sweet flavor and not so spicy
Last Modified: 11/November/2006 ...
Sauces - Chillie Sauce Chillie Sauce
Chillie sauce that is spicy and mainly used for dipping
Last Modified: 11/November/2006 ...
Sauces - Dark Soy Sauce Dark Soy Sauce
Dark soy sauce that is a little bit sweet and has dark colour
Last Modified: 11/November/2006 ...
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